Saturday, June 14, 2014

The 115 Most Influential GERM Antibodies on Twitter

If you are interested in what is happening to public education in the U.S. as it is being attacked by profit-seeking corporations and the Billionaire Boys Club, then you need to be on Twitter tracking the latest developments. The Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) seeks to privatize public education for the benefit of a small number of investors and many taxpayers. It uses the instruments of charter schools, high-stakes testing, national standards, vouchers, tuition tax credits, Teach For America, and union busting.

I recently asked the Twitter World to name the most influential critics of GERM who could be followed on Twitter — these are the GERM Antibodies in effect. Here they are, all 115 +/- of them.


If you are not following these Tweeters, you probably ought to be. If I have missed you or your favorite GERM Antibody, please leave their Twitter handle in the Comments section below, and I'll put out an augmented list later.

Gene V Glass
Arizona State University
National Education Policy Center
University of Colorado Boulder

The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not represent the official position of NEPC, Arizona State University, nor the University of Colorado Boulder.


  1. Gene,

    Would you add these two names to your list:

    Thanks, Jack